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Our Designers

Our current projects are being created by our in-house design team with design leads Jared Brinkmeyer and Nathan Brinkmeyer.

Independently produced tabletop games for the whole family!


Cannibal Stew

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Second Mouse

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About Us

​redbug games is a new, four-person, family company whose love of playing games has propelled us to bring some of our own creations into the gaming world.  What started off as a small family project to create some games with the kids has evolved into a multi-faceted idea factory!  We have ideas for approximately twenty games and we need your help to bring those ideas into reality.


Brinkmeyer's Cannibal Stew is now available!


Trench Medic

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​​Our first release "Brinkmeyer's Second Mouse" is now available online through our StoreEnvy shop and through our manufacturer The Game Crafter.  

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Our Games

Brinkmeyer's Second Mouse
Gather cheese while dodging the cat and traps in this fast paced, turn-based card game where sometimes it pays to be the second mouse!

​Check out the Second Mouse page to learn more.

Brinkmeyer's Cannibal Stew

Create the tastiest stew by collecting ingredients from the forest and throwing them into your pot. Toss in carrots, mushrooms, and even tribe members! When the forest is depleted, the player with the most points in their pot wins!