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Overview of the Game

Use your strategy, wits, and a little luck to survive Mouse hazards while stashing away the goal amount of cheese in your nest and scurrying through the levels quicker than your opponent to win!

Second Mouse is a two player game for ages 5 and up.   A complete game takes about 20 to 40 minutes to play, but it can be shortened or lengthened easily.  The game is comprised of several “rounds” where each player utilizes his mice to draw cards from any of three cheese piles in an attempt to gather cheese.  Within the cheese piles lay cheese, traps, tools, and the dreaded cat.  Each player must gather the number of cheese indicated on their “Escape” level card and get it transferred to their nest before the other player to win the round!

When a round is won, that player advances to the next highest Escape card.  The first player to finish all of their Escape cards wins the game!  By removing some Escape cards the game can be shortened, or conversely adding extra Escape cards the game can be lengthened.

Although the concept of the game is simple enough for even youngsters to pick up quickly, the strategy and suspense behind every card flip make this an addictive game for all ages!     

redbug games presents: Brinkmeyer's Second Mouse

The Kickstarter project for "Brinkmeyer's Second Mouse" ( )was successful! Rewards have been delivered.  Thanks again for all of your support!​​

 Gather cheese while dodging the cat and traps in this fast paced, turn-based card game where sometimes it pays to be the second mouse!

Thanks to our generous kickstarter contributors, we are proud to launch our

first game: Brinkmeyer's "Second Mouse" in November of 2013.

"Chunk" Contributors ($200+)

Charles and Marilyn Brinkmeyer

Roger Colvin

"Scrap" Contributors ($150+)
​Trent and Monica Chandler

"Bite" Contributors ($30+)
Thomas Hopkins
Renee Williams
Arloene Brinkmeyer
Kyle and Julie Kosman
Adam Dickinson
Sherman and Sarah Wilson
Jarrett Harvey
Dan and Darla Noteboom
Ryan Dux
Barb Hoover
Randy and Kelly Garza
Jennifer B
Katrina Brown
Janet Klemp
Susan Hayes
Margaret Grace
Erin Caster
Joel and Linda Brinkmeyer
Sally Narmi

"Morsel" Contributors ($17+)
Sara Sestak
F. Oliver
Tom Brazelton
Davis DeRuyter
Sean and Katie
Katrina Brown
Wayne Lewis
Jen Stambrough Real Estate
Cyclone Country Supporter
Brian Arnold
Roger Hudson Jr.
Mandy Neuman
Shawn Snyder
Leslie H.
Adam & Misti Craven
Rob Balder
Eric E. Skinner
Tacoma Games
The Alamo
Allyson Massey
Josh Feathers
Eric and Nicole Reinsch
Jack Gulick
Sarah Mugge
Adam Hart
Emily Knight
Nancy Hanstad

"Crumb" Contributors ($1+)
Alison Sage​

Game Resources

     01 Card Overview
     02 Gameplay


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